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Featured Books

The Student's Guide to Entrepreneurship

The Student's Guide to Entrepreneurship is a step-by-step process for students to create and build startups. Students will learn to: create and design business concepts, systematically test those concepts and build and lead teams. Through this Guide, the students discover consumer problems and how iterate to find marketable solutions to those problems.

The Bargain

A man out of time. A woman out of options.

Natchez detective Mike Faricy will do anything to undo his brother-in-law's murder. A man named Slick offers him a deal he can't refuse—go back to June 19th, the day before the killing. Mike strikes the Bargain and wakes up on June 19th gazing down the barrel of an antique gun held by Abigail Kingsley, who confirms it is June 19th, but the year is 1865. Now Mike must prevent the murder from over a century in the past, while being taunted by a shape-shifting Slick. The devil may own his soul, but it's Abigail who stakes a powerful claim on his aching heart. Will her darkest secrets be his ultimate undoing...?

"Dirty Harry" meets "Scarlett O'Hara" and there's Hell to pay…

Time's Embrace

Three novels in one volume!

Three of best selling author Deb Stover's most-loved time travel romance novels are collected here for the first time in Time's Embrace. These classic romance stories are a tour de force adventure through love and history as only Deb Stover can create. Bonus: an original short story sequel to fan favorite Almost Dawn is included along with all-new introductions telling the genesis of each story.

The full length novels include: Almost An Angel, A Moment In Time, and Another Dawn.

Almost An Angel

This is Deb Stover’s classic time travel romance story, now in an updated volume and with a new introduction. A magical, paranormal romance story flowing through the mists of time in a story all its own.

A Moment In Time

Stuck in an old cabin, alone, in the mountains. Hairdresser Jackie Clarke found herself in a predicament of her own making when smooth talking Blade made off with her car and cash in the middle of the night. Just when things seemed like they couldn't get worse, a vivid painting pulls her into another world... Where she discovers herself mistaken as a singer in a saloon in the middle of 1891 Colorado - matched for marriage with a suitor she's never met. It's not all bad - love may actually find her in the arms of a sexy miner with a heart of gold. Is reality so important? Maybe it's about seizing A Moment In Time.

Another Dawn

One of Deb Stover’s most loved time travel love stories, this new edition of Another Dawn includes an all new short story sequel to the classic novel! Thrust into the past moments before his execution, Luke Nolan finds himself living a new life in the 19th century town of Redemption, Colorado. In love with a woman he dare not embrace, he runs from a future he cannot reconcile. Will love betray his secrets? Is there hope for the passion he feels for Sofie? Will she believe in his innocence? As the clock ticks, Luke discovers they are not alone. Haunted and hunted by the future, will their love survive to see Another Dawn?

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